Bank Mayora is a retail and customer bank that provides various savings, lending, and funding products. Since 1993, Bank Mayora has opened 38 offices spread across Jabodetabek, Bandung, Surabaya, and Lampung. Throughout 25 years, Bank Mayora has served its customers with high integrity and innovative programs.

For its 25th Anniversary, Bank Mayora wanted a colossal theme for the Company’s 2017 Annual Report. The Annual Report must describe the vision and missions of Bank Mayora. Aside for creating Annual Report 2017, NEXT also designed the Summary Report 2017 for Bank Mayora. Each item was presented with two alternatives.

Engraving Success with Integrity

The word “Engraving” portrays the strong effort and thoroughness of Bank Mayora in reaching its success. For the visual aspect, Jepara Engraving is the inspiration for this concept. The beauty and intricacy of the engraving suits the concept for Bank Mayora.

Foremost and Forward to One Future

The visual inspiration for this concept is Goals/Target of the Company. This concept is oriented to Bank Mayora’s vision, from the visual aspect to the title. One of the keywords from the vision is “foremost”. The concept holds meaning that Bank Mayora will continue going forward in the coming years and will reach its goal.

The visual/design above are for display/mock-up purpose only, all contents such as: image, text, photo, illustration, diagram, etc are fiction and do not represent real contents/cases.