Nowadays, people around the world always invent something fast, mobile, instant, and connected. Sinarmas Bank knows this trend and intends to create something that exemplify these keywords in two products.

The products are INSTANT SECURE CREDIT CARD and ONLINE DEPOSITO. The targeted market of these products are young people and professionals who want to have a credit card without difficulty of certain terms and conditions. They don't need to enclose their salary report for making a credit card. All they need to do is top up the balance in their accounts and they can enjoy this credit card with the limit as much as the balance. ONLINE DEPOSITO is for young business people to deposit their money without coming to the bank with the bank interest up to 7%. What a Great Deal! !

NEXT Team made two alternatives. The first one is using photography that represent these two products.

•The second alternative is using vectorise illustration style with colourful tone. The designer put the main attention of this design in the keywords of the products which are ABSOLUTELY APPROVED AND ONLINE DEPOSITO. These designs represent both youth and fun at the same time.

The visual/design above are for display/mock-up purpose only, all contents such as: image, text, photo, illustration, diagram, etc are fiction and do not represent real contents/cases.