Making Life Easier, Anytime Anywhere

The main concept behind this tagline is to reflect the convenience that gadgets have brought to everyday life in any place and any time. It also brings the necessity to fulfill the needs of technology that can be provided by Erajaya, which also imply the effortless lifestyle to the people.

The visual appearance of this alternative is adapted from lifestyle magazine with a hint of futuristic graphic. We want to differentiate the visual of the annual report to make it outstand from the other typical annual report design.

Accelerating Integrated Lifestyle

The concept behind the tagline “Accelerating Integrated Lifestyle” is to show that technology gives a big impact in making life easier by connecting people with their needs and works online This also means that in this digital era, Erajaya plays a very big role in Indonesia by distributing and supplying the recent and up-to-date technologies to people in order to accelerating their lifestyle.

The visual style of this alternative is Bold and Corporate, with seamless implementation of Erajaya’s logo as supergraphics. This alternate also want to enhance each of the pages with Erajaya’s corporate colors and combine it with modern lifestyle photos and icons.

The visual/design above are for display/mock-up purpose only, all contents such as: image, text, photo, illustration, diagram, etc are fiction and do not represent real contents/cases.