Great restaurant or cafe is not just about the quality of the foods, but also it must serve the customers both experience and comfortable feeling especially in Jakarta. FIFI Cafe is a place that provides these all things that emobody great cafe and NEXT helped the owner to create the brand that could resemble Fifi cafe both in visual and philosophy behind it.

We had discussion with the owner and she wanted her cafe to become a place for young moms to "take a break" while waiting for their children to come back from school nearby or they can bring their children here to eat lunch or hang out. The cafe interior's also has minimalistic design with the gray and velvet green tone that makes this place has a feminine and elegant touch but also suitable for children and family.

Here's the brand and the marketing collaterals that NEXT team make for FIFI Cafe...

We also supported the visual of the brand with element that was the simplification of batik kawung. Batik kawung is one of the traditional fabrics from Indonesia that represents luxury, elegant, feminine, and also prestige.