PT Lautan Luas Tbk is an integrated manufacturer and distributor of specialty and basic chemicals. For its 2017 Annual Report, Lautan Luas wanted a concept that correlates with the values that Lautan Luas holds. The theme of Lautan Luas 2017 Annual Report is “Integrity” that associates with commitment, credibility, and honour.

NEXT decided to use Lautan Luas signature colors, which are blue and white, for the visual aspect of the Annual Report. There are two alternatives for the concept of Lautan Luas 2017 Annual Report, each represents the values of the Company.

The first alternative is “Commitment and Credibility for Community”.

Commitment describes the quality of doing the most out of any situation while credibility represents quality of being fully trusted no matter what the situation is. These two characteristics are combined to deliver the optimal products and service to the community

The second alternative is “Substantial Integrity” .

“Substantial Integrity” represents the strength and significance of the integrity that Lautan Luas possesses. From the title, tree rings that were formed for years to support a sturdy tree became the inspiration for the visual aspect.

Vectors or illustrations were used to design the Annual Report. The design was made with strong professional impression without looking too rigid.

The visual/design above are for display/mock-up purpose only, all contents such as: image, text, photo, illustration, diagram, etc are fiction and do not represent real contents/cases.