OCBC NISP is one of the pioneer banks in Indonesia. As time goes by, they recently employ a lot of skillful people who are still in their youth. So, they wanted to make internal poster that was suitable to youth taste and able to evoke their young spirits to work passionately.

We did research to make sure that poster hit to the target. In spesific term of business matter, Gen Y belongs to digital era that everything is done with smart devices. They tend to react quickly to make themselves able to reach their life goals and become influences to their communities. It's okay to work until midnight because they realize this is their golden age and they don't want to waste it. They also possess solid teamwork that will make sure that the company they work at will be successful in the future.

In order to translate the whole Gen Y worker characteristics, we use two themes. First, we came up with the idea of "the avengers" because it fit with teamwork, neverending spirit, eager to be more successful, loyalty, and becoming an influence. Second, we focused on teamwork as an/a "aim" or "goal" that makes OCBC NISP have sustainable growth and achievement.

Here are the alternatives! We chose vibrant colours along with dynamic elements to create ambience that embodies fast , furious, and unbreakable spirit.

The visual/design above are for display/mock-up purpose only, all contents such as: image, text, photo, illustration, diagram, etc are fiction and do not represent real contents/cases.