Pucelle Mist Cologne was launced in 2003. Pucelle is a cologne for 15 to 19 years old teenage girls. The product itself growing rapidly since then as the biggest share in female fragnance category. Pucelle Mist Cologne has never really change their look spesifically since they first launch. This appears to affect Pucelle popularity in the market.

Pucelle Mist Cologne is a spray-on light cologne that allow girls to express themselves by choosing the fragrance that suits their individual lifestyle. Currently, there are 6 variants of Pucelle. Three of the best sales variants are Sparkling Love, Jolly Rhythm and Wavy Ocean.

Teenage girls can use Pucelle Mist Cologne to express their personalities. It is an easy to bring light cologne. It smells simple, light and fresh.