PT Pelangi Elasindo is one of the biggest shoelace manufacturers in Indonesia with complete and integrated facilities and services. At the end of the year, they wanted to make a calendar that represented the company values, facilities, and products without looking "cheap" and too hard-selling.

Successful company can be built because of the leader and the people who work behind it. NEXT and PT Pelangi Elasindo agreed with that, so we decided to give a little appreciation to the workers who work very hard and full of effort every day.

In the first six months, the calendar talks about PT Pelangi Elasindo integrated facilities. We made sure that the layout was both clean and modern, with a touch of icon that represented the process behind the facilities. NEXT believed that corporate doesn't have to be boring and old school.

We can see that the main point of this calendar is the photography of the shoelaces and the machinery. Our photographer can capture every detail with high resolution, focus, and depth of field. So, the layout and the photo fit with one another.

From July to December, We exposed the shoelaces that were produced by PT Pelangi Elasindo.

Here's the final production of the calendar!