Located in West-Jakarta's sweet spot for both culinary and entertainment, Afterhour and Chili's realize that restaurant and bar which sell only food and beverage are not enough. So, they organized a rare event to engage and persuade the millenials and customers. The event was Sneakers Bazaar called "SEEK FOR SNEAKS".

Next Team started by making the event's logo. The logo itself was inspired by street art with a few touches of sporty and retro feels to engage the youths and sneaker geeks.

Next tried to advertise this event to the targeted market with social media apps. We started socializing this event by launching it via Instragram with continuous and integrated feed. Here's the preview down below.

The contents of the Instagram Feeds are Event Information, Event's Tenants, and Event's Special Performance. We posted the event information for the first three squares.

Second, we posted the tenants that participated in SEEK FOR SNEAKS event.

Last but not least, we posted the Special Performers of the event.

Here's the compiled look for the event promotion and publication on Afterhour Pantai Indah Kapuk account.