Other than website, we also develop PlayLab Social Media via Instagram. PlayLab is a place for children to learn by doing fun play, engaging them in stimulating, entertaining, mind-boggling activities; as they cultivate their interests, creativities, curiosities and social skills. So, the posts should contain the activities and events in PlayLab.

We realize the PlayLab needs to give assurance to children's moms that the children are absolutely happy and enjoying the learning process. In order to show this to their moms, we show the pictures of children having great time at PlayLab.

PlayLab wants to improve their awareness by making creative events for young moms. The events are anti-mainstream and useful for the moms. Here are some pics of the activities from the events.

Social Media Activation gives a lot of advantages for PlayLab, such as a media to showcase credibility to customers or parents, sustainable awareness, assurance for parents, and to deliver information and events.