People always dream about having a place to live with integrated and convenience aspects such as access, location, and facilities. District 8 is one super block in Jakarta that can those kind of living happened. Sited in the heart of Jakarta’s most prestigious business and commercial center, District 8 is strategically located with superb access to major thoroughfares, toll road, and public transportation system (MRT and BRT/Busway). The largest integrated mixed-use development in the SCBD aspires to become the ultimate Work-Live-Play hub.

When it comes to making a website, we try to create as functional and UI/UX friendly as possible. We also construct the website from sketch to live and adaptive from desktop to mobile.

The District 8 website also not only show the company’s profile, but also has a feature for the tenant and the owner of the resident and office to have an account for checking news, updates, and general rules from the administrator.

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