Imperial Realty is a real estate/apartment agent Company that helps its client in selling, buying, renting, and managing properties. What makes Imperial Realty unique is its direct approach in helping clients to manage their properties by conducting routine inspections.

The website will be in two languages, Bahasa Indonesia and English, as Imperial Realty is a Company based in Australia. In order to fit the website with the logo, the color scheme for the website is dominated by red as the logo of Imperial Realty is a combination of red and black.

The brief for Imperial Realty website was to make a responsive website, compatible with desktop and mobile. NEXT used easy and smooth User Interface and User Experience that will make the website easy to use. The design was made to look professional and modern.

The features that were requested by Imperial Realty are Repair Lodgement, a link to Imperial Realty Australia website, and a link to Imperial Décor website. Repair Lodgement form was featured to facilitate clients if there were any problem. The website will facilitate people who wants to directly go to Imperial Realty Australia and Imperial Décor website.